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staffordshire bull terrier brindle

staffordshire bull terrier brindle. Brindle dog carrying too much
  • Brindle dog carrying too much

  • jrko
    Apr 26, 04:13 PM
    Top left corner of GPU looks burnt to me. Maybe it's bad picture quality, but if it's burnt really (what makes it DOA), it may explain why thermal paste is baked on.

    yeah it is baked and burnt but seller say its tested as working

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER

  • jettredmont
    Apr 4, 04:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    **** AT&T.

    The wrong foul word was starred out there. Probably a bug in the forum software.

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER

  • modernmagic
    Apr 30, 10:09 PM
    This is great news if it means the end of mobile me. Die Mobile Me - DIE DIE DIE. Anything will be better than the self centered sounding @me.com. I simply will not use the email address in a professional context. Don't mind @Mac.com, and still use it, but @me.com sends the wrong message.

    Why would you use any @isp for a professional email address??

    For $10/year you should have name@domain.com

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. red, fawn, blue white Red
  • red, fawn, blue white Red

  • samiwas
    Mar 4, 10:47 AM
    Regarding Health Care:

    Bill Maher New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-maher/new-rule-not-everything-i_b_244050.html) 23July09

    Just how exaggerated is the following?:

    Wow. That article pretty much sums up the way I see it all. Great read.

    My problem with it isn't that businesses and people are in it for a profit (well, in certain areas). Hey, you got to make something. It's that the only thing that matters is the highest profit possible, at all costs.

    If a company has made a profit of $15,000,000, but they were wanting $16,000,000 based on nothing more than their accountant's predictions, they won't settle for that $15m. They will lay off people, make others work longer, and cut salaries and benefits to achieve their "goal". It's no longer about making money...it's about making excessive money for the upper management and pleasing shareholders.

    You see it in the stock market all the time. A company announces that it's profits will fall short of some astronomical assumed figure, and shareholders start selling off the stock because large profits are worse than huge profits.

    While this isn't in the private market, and I'm sure someone (we know who) will find a way to say this is OK, it reminds me of a recent story I read. I think it was Texas Tech or something required all of their faculty to take a pay freeze, yet gave the football coach a half-million dollar a year raise. Not $50k, not $100k...$500k a year added to his already $1.5m a year salary. All while telling teachers there was not enough money to do anything for them. And it wasn't a contracted raise, if I recall, it was a "promise". The very fact that the coach would take that says enough to me. That's pretty sick.


    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. English Staffordshire Bull
  • English Staffordshire Bull

  • striker33
    May 5, 02:57 PM
    Has anyone with the new iMac experienced the persistent buzzing issue present in most of the models last year?

    The issue presents itself when the brightness is below full (and proceeds to get louder as you lower the brightness further). Tends to be more obvious when the casing becomes warm.

    This is the only thing keeping me from buying an iMac, after the few I got last year were all returned for that issue.

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. blue rindle staffordshire
  • blue rindle staffordshire

  • rxse7en
    Jul 27, 10:53 AM
    I've got a thought...

    You've probably already been slapped about this but I haven't read through all the posts...

    Dude... I'm assuming you're a Christian to be so up-in-arms about the holiday (but I don't think that's the right example, honestly) -- you need to also be more tolerant of other religious holidays at the same time such as Hananachaka (butchered that) and Kwanza as well as some others, I'd imagine.

    Can't wait for the Ramadan Rush Sales!

    Lighten up PC police.


    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. Pure Breed Staffordshire Bull
  • Pure Breed Staffordshire Bull

  • Felldownthewell
    Nov 20, 07:29 PM
    I wonder, assuming this device ever does come out, could/would apple release two versions (CDMA and quad GSM) and then let you select which carrier's software to download to the phone (either at home, on the online order page, or in the store)? This would be far simpler than having either a just-gsm or just-CDMA phone and more cost effective than a dual radio version on which you choose which carrier/radio to use (which I believe was suggested earlier in the thread)...

    That way, Apple could continue to sell the product through their own their rather huge network of stores and online. They could also have two versions, a "pro" (treo/HTC/Blackberry-esque QWERTY device w/ MS office integration and Mail/Outlook e-mail push) and a "consumer" (music-centric, smaller, no QWERTY), in keeping witht he rest of their lineup of products. Just a thought.

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. Brindle staffordshire in your
  • Brindle staffordshire in your

  • mfr1340
    Apr 21, 06:27 PM
    is there any way to use any of my ipad2/iphone4 apps on my new mba 11"


    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. lue or rindle or any of
  • lue or rindle or any of

  • roadbloc
    Dec 1, 04:41 PM
    http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/9925/screenshot20101201at506.png (http://img32.imageshack.us/i/screenshot20101201at506.png/)
    Dunno if you noticed mate, but you have 60 unread mail.

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  • Ch Brindle Jess

  • foottuns
    Oct 13, 05:02 AM
    I am using spymac, I m not saying that apple services are bad but I rather use spymac and it also my cheaper.


    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. staffordshire bull terrier
  • staffordshire bull terrier

  • Huntermac
    Jan 16, 01:29 AM
    It is just some software that lets you transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes between your Mac and Garmin units...

    Pretty cool but I thought it might be some great new hardware.. maybe even for Iphone. :(


    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. Staffordshire Bull Terrier x
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier x

  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 20, 07:22 AM
    You have to copy the file created by Handbrake, which does not show up as DVD even on the MacBook Air. Just make sure you share the folder where the file Handbrake created is located and then you should be able to browse to that folder on your MacBook Air.


    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. Black Brindle Male Stafford
  • Black Brindle Male Stafford

  • alphaone
    Mar 13, 12:27 AM
    Lame! I just had an Early_Unit_End on the p6900 I was 60% though. What a waste. Must have been a bad WU because this computer has been rock stable so far, not so much as a hiccup. And to add insult to injury the replacement WU is a 2684, the slowest bigadv there is.

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. Brindle staffordshire , and
  • Brindle staffordshire , and

  • osx11
    Apr 13, 11:34 AM
    This is a stupid article.

    The iphone5 can have the same touch panel component!!!!!!

    Do people not get this?

    iPad 2 has the same touch panel as the original iPad.

    This article is just a waste of time!


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  • Small Male, dark rindle,

  • oMc
    Dec 13, 08:20 PM
    1st one is vmware

    2nd one is dropbox

    Thank you.

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. staffordshire+ull+terrier
  • staffordshire+ull+terrier

  • Komentra
    Apr 7, 04:42 PM
    I assume you have this box checked:


    Yep. I sure do. Does it work for you? I've heard it works for Apple TV and other computers but when it comes to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch it doesn't.


    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. kennels,staffordshire bull
  • kennels,staffordshire bull

  • eva01
    Sep 24, 04:03 PM
    if he is 18 you can't do **** about it. You can force him to pay rent thou ^_^
    and if the girl isn't 18 yet, then it is rape

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER BRINDLE

  • Scoobtay
    Apr 6, 09:31 PM
    Hmm I'm super computer illiterate, but here's where i got it from. If i knew how to send you a zip of it i would. http://side-7.deviantart.com/#/d37uqt5

    Its called red ribbon.

    staffordshire bull terrier brindle. staffordshire bull terrier
  • staffordshire bull terrier

  • ouimetnick
    Feb 6, 07:21 PM
    Why did did you make two threads?

    Apr 21, 11:07 PM
    Since we're talking about an underlying OS here, I assume they remembered to include the Linux user base as well... including dumb terminals, kiosks, and servers, right? ;)

    Seriously, Facebook runs off of a modified version of the Android OS. Lets not forget to include the 100 million users of Facebook.

    Slightly off topic, does anyone think this site can get anymore pro-apple biased?

    The amount that you're reaching is insane and impressive. I quite enjoy it.

    Dec 25, 01:05 PM
    Man some of you guys really got lucky hehee

    I got a g2, a wacom and a nifty sweater which I prettyvmuch all picked out lol.. somehow we all pick our stuff iin my family because we're just that silly hehe.

    merr christmas :)

    Hilmi Hamidi
    Jul 31, 06:24 AM
    Err, nope. No country is on 1st August yet.
    Japan is the earliest to be on 1st Aug, but at this time of my writing, it's still 8:24 pm (31 July) in Japan.
    Obviously OP wants the attention of being the thread starter. :rolleyes:

    Apr 13, 07:51 AM

    http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/5294/bildschirmfoto20110413uy.png (http://img269.imageshack.us/i/bildschirmfoto20110413uy.png/)

    http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/3828/bildschirmfoto20110413u.th.png (http://img163.imageshack.us/i/bildschirmfoto20110413u.png/)

    Jun 23, 08:22 PM
    I'll probably be getting in line around 11 pm. Is anyone else there or planning on getting in line soon?

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