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quotes for today. Today#39;s QuotesOctober 9,
  • Today#39;s QuotesOctober 9,

  • aNYthing24
    Apr 6, 03:13 PM
    It's been pretty good. As far as I know, only redsn0w will work at the moment. The process was rather simple and quick. Not sure if you have to upgrade to 4.3.1, but I recommend you do anyway since it gets rid of the screen glitches that are found on 4.3.

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  • quotes for today

  • toddybody
    Apr 28, 09:53 AM
    Had to share this pic from Tom's Hardware...


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  • Crystal-RX
    Mar 27, 08:27 PM
    This is really funny. Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I'm the infamous seller! :) How are you guys. It's funny that most people here are laughing about the stupidity of others like myself.

    But anyway, this is in no way illegal. I would know, being a student of law. In addition, eBay AND PayPal have sided with me on this matter MULTIPLE times. The only time PayPal sided with the buyer was when they claimed they never got it and I had no shipping proof. The item is accurately described, end of story. Stop crying about it and be more responsible.

    Just an ending note, I've made over $2,000 doing this before and used it to buy two amazing Les Pauls. ;)

    - Dan

    Are you the seller for this Iphone's photo? the seller name is Dan as well as you are. :rolleyes:

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  • jsw
    Nov 20, 02:20 PM
    But lately I've been thinking about this and what if Apple bucked the system a little. They made a phone which connected directly to your computer and you downloaded the correct carrier setting to. So if you used Verizon, all you had to do is in setup select Verizon or Sprint....Many manufacturers already do this with their unlocked phones - but they just store the settings on the phones (no need to connect to a computer).
    Would the carriers care that a generic iPhone ran on their network, maybe the stupid ones, but in the long they're lives would be easier, because they wouldn't have to market the phones, just their service (which is where they really make their money).Manufacturers selling unlocked phones is common elsewhere and is now already beginning in the States.
    I also like the idea of using the click wheel to make a retro style digital-rotary phone. However, I doubt Apple would just display the numbers on the screen and not on the unit. So when in dial mode, you would spin the click wheel and the numbers, displayed on the display in a circle, would highlight the number that you were on and then click the center button on the click wheel to select.This won't fly - usage is terrible and would make dialing slower than it currently is. And texting would truly suck.


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  • magicjames92
    Aug 20, 03:13 PM
    Must be $400 or less.

    i was hoping for 8gb.

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  • innominato5090
    Feb 4, 04:15 PM
    http://cl.ly/3535283d1M2D1N1Y2c3v/content/ (http://cl.ly/1J3A153B260s1L0e3L21)


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  • lostprophet894
    Oct 12, 03:25 PM
    After using Tweetie 2 for a couple days I went back to the original. There's nothing in 2 I can't live without and Tweetie just looks better IMO.

    Good thing I had it in my iTunes because it was gone from the store when I went to download it.

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  • IngerMan
    Apr 17, 08:03 PM
    I would be curious to see the faster samsung drive to post the same. :cool:


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  • 8CoreWhore
    Apr 12, 07:23 PM

    Should be announced at 7P Pacific Time?

    Why does it say "NEW" on the above page?

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  • Zaap
    Apr 5, 03:00 PM
    For me, all vintage, no exterior modern crap tacked on.
    Or maybe:


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  • paulgarb
    Apr 7, 02:14 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Last post I'm going to read - can't stand the playground insults but let's be clear - FULLY tested ain't happening. iOS with all possible apps & usage patterns on all possible carriers in all languages. Dream on testing is never FULL - ever.

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  • miles01110
    Dec 21, 04:45 PM
    Unfortunately, facts do not matter to these people, as most IT departments are clueless about TCO.

    Actually most IT managers/departments are very informed about TCO, which is why they don't shell out the money for hardware that is 2x as expensive, software that is 4x as expensive (due to miserable volume licensing plans for OS X), the cost of training support and logistics personnel to support Macs/OS X, and the amount of time it will take to retrain users to use the new hard/software.

    Ironically, most people who make statements such as yours either aren't in IT or have a very unrealistic view of the world.

    I would really like some good arguments to put to him regarding why mac's should be allowed on our company network and should form part of our IT systems.

    When you write your proposal, consider using proper English grammar. "Macs" as in "a number of computers made by Apple" does not, notice, have an apostrophe.

    The basic fact of the matter is that large, established Windows-based network infrastructures have no incentive at all to switch to Apple machines.

    Enterprise-support from the manufacturer (Apple)? HUGE fail.

    Seriously. This is what guarantees Dell's, HP's, and RIM's complete dominance of the enterprise market. Who would have guessed that when your central business functions depend on your hardware being "up" it doesn't cut it to have to bring a unit into an Apple Store?


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  • Multimedia
    Aug 2, 11:13 AM
    Japanese Mac users get first OS X-friendly Blu-ray burner from Logitech mid-August (http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/08/02/logitec_mac_blu-ray_disc_burner/). Only $1148 folks. :eek: I guess somebody's gotta start somewhere. At least we know they are really almost for sale somewhere on planet Earth. :rolleyes: ;) Comes with Blu-ray version of Toast 7 Titanium.

    "Logitec also said the drive - dubbed the LBD-A2FU2/WM - will support DVD-RAM, DVD�R/RW, dual-layer DVD�R and CD-R/RW discs. The unit has both USB 2.0 and Firewire interfaces on board."

    Wonder how much these burners will cost this time next summer?

    For $1148 you can buy 4 Terabytes of Hard Drives today. That would be eighty 50GB Blu-ray discs @ $50 each would be $4,000 for the blank media to record 4 Terabytes. $1,000 per Terabyte Vs. $250 per Terabyte of HD storage. I just don't get the economics of this Blu-ray thing at all. :eek: :confused:

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  • jaison13
    Mar 31, 12:38 PM
    That's nice, but�


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  • zen97
    Dec 9, 12:03 PM

    A link to the original please :)

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  • WillJS
    Apr 7, 08:19 PM
    Photos rotate every 5 minutes, but this is what was up when I took a screen shot. Looks intimidating on the 27" iMac compared to my 17" MBP.

    Could you please share where you got those icons from? They look great.


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  • Ramsteiner
    May 6, 09:13 PM
    My prayers are answered. This was a long time coming - works as advertised. Second most favorite app after LockInfo.

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  • gkarris
    Apr 7, 02:44 PM
    Is it crazy that I'm considering a $500 iPad, $100 joystick, and $15 game just to get this?

    No.... ;)

    All they need to do for iCade is come out with a Vectrex App and, heck, I'm totally sold... :eek:

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  • menziep
    Apr 5, 01:02 PM
    Are your additions to Intel iBook (Rumored) really necessary? They're mostly just repeating what's already been stated earlier in the article, and are misleadingly definitive for a rumor.


    Mar 10, 06:07 AM

    I made a GPS car kit "Arkon RWIPC" review yesterday, and it got deleted, could you tell me why please?

    Aug 16, 02:58 AM
    That looks yummy, now I want one of those ice cream watermelon log thingies!

    May 3, 05:43 AM
    Guessing that MobileMe (as it is now) will go free, and then the premium service will allow backup and access to all your system. $100 a year for that would definitely be worth it.

    Apr 28, 09:55 PM
    So this must be considered an Apple Fanboy site then, right?

    You do realize this is called MACrumors.com right?

    May 4, 12:00 AM

    4th search result from a Google search for "alias vs. symbolic link (http://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&safe=off&client=safari&rls=en-us&as_qdr=all&q=alias%20vs.%20symbolic%20link&btnG=Search)"

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