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  • whoami
    Apr 27, 05:13 PM
    Try enabling Certificate Revocation checking on your fully updated Mac OS X install and see how long it takes for Mac App Store to show up and how long it then takes to go through the various tabs.

    Also for fun - try enabling password for the screensaver and 60 minute idle logout. Then put your laptop to sleep and come back 60 min later only to have hung login window that accepts no input - works that way every time for me.

    For all the jabs they took at Windows - Apple's is most untested OS after Linux distros. Looks like they only do surface tests - only the defaults are covered.

    just out of curiosity.. do you file bug reports?
    i'm pretty guilty of not...

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  • Otaviano
    Nov 12, 10:58 AM
    I'd assume the 'other' category would be a mix of Lightworks, Media100, Premiere Pro and maybe even Sony Vegas. Mizzurah posted a link to the most recent version of the survey I was trying to recall and it has Avid at 76%, FCP at just under 20% and 'other' w/just under 5%.


    Good I had to do some editing in Media100 once and it was one of the most horrid experiences of my professional life.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 20, 03:07 PM
    I'm sure this data will be coming to a Keynote near you.

    The trend is your friend, and unless Apple can turn it around, the trend is clearly moving toward a marginalization of iOS.

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  • ShadowXOR
    May 5, 04:49 PM
    Hope you're ready to shell out some bucks.


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  • jessica.
    Dec 24, 10:14 PM
    Best ice cream maker ever. :D

    Really because I was told by someone at William sonoma today to skip it ($80) and buy their $60 cuisinart. He said it doesn't stay cold long enough to firm up.

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  • Deechh
    Sep 3, 09:49 PM


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  • mrkramer
    Nov 18, 09:26 AM
    Nope. It's all or nothing.

    That's too bad, I guess I will continue to not use the ignore list even though it would be nice sometimes.

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  • writemikep
    Apr 7, 12:14 PM
    Some of the customer reviews on the iTunes download page are very critical of the controls for some games. Not sure how well they've ported these to the touch screen interface....


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  • oyah
    Feb 18, 10:46 AM
    My service provider offers CPanel Horde for webmail. I didn't used to mind that but now Horde has been changed in lots of crappy ways and I don't like it. Plus it doesn't work at all on Safari.

    Is there a way for me to get my webmail through another service?

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  • caspian
    Mar 23, 10:44 AM
    Wasn't it Jean-Marie Hullot who created Xcode and Interface Builder?

    A coworker tells me Bertrand wrote Interface Builder as part of his thesis before being hired at NeXT - imagine where Mac and iOS development would be today without him!


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  • quagmire
    Feb 1, 05:58 PM
    2012 BMW 6 series convertible that I took during NAIAS where it debuted.


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  • dubbs
    Mar 9, 03:32 PM
    I'll be headin there once I get out of class at noon-ish xD hope to see you guys there!

    (I thought about going to Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart or whatever, but, as they're all releasing them at the same time, might as well be where the fanfare is.)


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  • aloshka
    Apr 25, 03:29 AM
    you should add a choice in the poll "I Already have a White iPhone"
    since some already do, :D
    you know .. the white transformation kit ;)

    I agree, did this a long time ago. Already had it for 6 months :)

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  • macfan881
    Oct 14, 04:21 PM

    awesome news i like the new interface looks promising


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  • HiVolt
    Mar 23, 08:32 PM
    You only hear about VP or Sr VP leaving/going in the media because, well everybody below is not important.. You will understand what it means when you start working...

    Haha, what makes you think I'm not working? Sure, I will never be a Senior VP of anything, but I've been working now for 15 years. And not flipping burgers.

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  • chris200x9
    Feb 16, 11:04 AM
    if I'm using my macbook to fold in parellels under linux since the linux client is not spm shoud i download 2?


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  • Pooshka
    Oct 9, 08:51 PM
    Wait a sec, so it's gonna be $3 for each major update???

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  • wackymacky
    Apr 30, 07:11 PM
    I was hoping a little this would be included with the MobileMe upgrade that is occuring rather that paying additional money for it. Otherwise, well, we can just stream the music from our computers at home for free.

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  • mrkramer
    Mar 20, 03:08 AM
    But I'd also rather someone rot in prison for 50 years. But then again, it's like a holiday camp in prisons here. Playstations, internet, TV. The UK is a complete and utter joke. We're the laughing stock of the world. We're so scared of human rights, we bend over backwords for any prisoner. I'm SO happy that common sense what introduced for prisoner votes.

    yes, it sure seems nice in those prisons.
    Even if it where true, what's wrong with treating prisoners humanely? Shouldn't we try to rehabilitate prisoners so if they are released they don't commit another crime? And in the US at least prisoners can't vote, could you show a source saying that they can it the UK?

    Jan 13, 06:36 AM

    or as close as possible.


    Feb 14, 05:04 PM
    You know, there is a quite horrific problem here. Now that e is a mod, he can't hijack threads, and do drive-by macro postings!

    We can't have fun anymore! Didn't you just love hijacking threads, and turning them into competitions of who can put e and K into a funny pic in e's backyard?

    They days of old are gone. e is still here, but his old personality is gone. No murdured. Murdured by his moderatorship. It just won't be the same anymore.

    The golden days of macrumors are over. But soon... a new idol will rise up, and the people in the fields will know that this is there time. We will throw off the shackles, and bring those who were once one of us, and turned away, back to our side! WE WILL BRING EM BACK ALIVE!

    Or maybe not, who knows?

    In hindsight, I think I may have been high on Vegemite when I posted this. On that note, I'm gonna go eat some Vegemite.

    Jun 18, 06:42 PM
    Me. What time is everyone showing up? I just want to make sure I get one is all.

    Mar 15, 12:21 AM
    Well the news is out that Comex jailbroke an iPad 2 from 2,500 miles away from the device. Some tweaks and apps, well did not work. Also, Comex said that JailbreakMe should be available on the web not later then this week, if not early next week. So who is excited? I am.

    Sep 27, 11:17 AM
    that's really childish. the REAL question is who took the picture? they're on their honeymoon, for gosh sakes: and they took a friend?

    I totally agree! It was the first thing I noticed...
    "come to .mac mail, come to .mac mail!"

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